5 Cool Instagram Trends for Content Creators

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Prachi Subhedar
Prachi Subhedar
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Instagram is one of the biggest online communities that serves all kinds of people and businesses. This platform is ever-evolving with new trends every week, and keeping up with it can be challenging.

However, there are several benefits for businesses and content creators on Instagram if they keep up with the trends and grow on the platform. Using new features can help you get a boost in the algorithm and present your perspectives in creative ways.

 Top Instagram trends for content creators today

If you’re having trouble keeping up with Instagram trends, then keep on reading. Here’s a list of trends you should jump on right now.

 1. Creators collaborating with brands

Instagram is a great platform for brands and creators to collaborate. Brands can easily find the right influencers and content creators can directly approach brands on Instagram for collaboration. The partnership or collaboration features on Instagram let brands and content creators work together. The creator can upload a feed post or reel and tag the brand, and this post shows up on both their profiles. The discovery feature also allows brands to use filters and find the best influencers to promote them. Creators can also add brands of their liking to their preference list, making it easier for brands to find and reach out to the best influencers.

 2. “Add Yours” sticker to engage with the audience

The latest feature for engagement is the “Add Yours” sticker. It’s hard to miss as it creates a wave of stories with the audience. You can prompt with a story that’s relatable to you and your audience and the audience will jump in. If you promote travel, the prompt can be as simple as “Share a picture from your last trip” and your followers can add their pictures and share them to their stories. It’s a great way of creating a stronger relationship while promoting your page.

 3. Instagram guides for awareness and promotion

Instagram guides let you keep all your specific posts and reels together. You can choose the specific posts and reels to create guides on various topics including travel, food recipes, DIYs and more. There is also a feature to add a title and more information under each post that helps explain the guide better.

 4. Link Sticker to redirect the audience to pages outside Instagram

If you run a website or have any feature on a website that you want your audience to check, you can use the link feature to lead them to that page directly. This feature can be helpful for all types of content creators as you can link a story to your website, blog posts, youtube videos, product pages and more.

 5. Reels and trending audios for exposure

Staying updated with reels and trending audios can help you reach a wider audience and gain followers. It is perhaps the best way to grow on Instagram today. Creating reels is a great way to reach an audience but only creating a reel will not help so much. You need to stay updated on the trending and viral audio and use them to create reels to get maximum exposure.

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